Changes April 1 2016

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We at GSM tennis have listened to what our clients and members want and are going to respond.


Starting April 1, 2016 we will be moving our front desk back to the front of the CORE.  So check in will be the same, except at the front door when you walk into the CORE.  People wanted a more integrated feel with the rest of the complex, instead of hiding in the back so we have moved back up front.  Our couches are moving upstairs to the lounge so people can enjoy the food and drinks with Jay while waiting for their courts, or after to just relax.  If you haven’t stopped by the lounge please do, the food really is great.  We are working on having the courts broadcast on one of the screens so that people can watch their kids or friends play.  Hopefully up shortly


We have also heard the concerns about our pricing.  So we are now including taxes in the court fees.  No need to look for change anymore.  Prices have all been rounded DOWN and include taxes.  This will hopefully bring us inline with all the rest of the clubs in town.  Further changes coming in the summer and next winter.


Online booking software is live for members.  When you click on and look at the top right hand corner —> LOGIN  that takes you to our online booking software.  This is for our members only as a benefit to them for their loyalty to the club for becoming a member.  If you are a member and want to be set up to use this contact Gabe at anytime and he will show you how to do this.  The online software allows you to see and book courts from home as long as you have charged your account with us.  Lots of features with this where you can create your own “ladder”, invite players with similar abilities, invite random players, etc…  more features than I can list.  It truly is a great piece of software.


Summer memberships, programs and camps are coming and should be posted soon.


Tennis only memberships also coming.

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