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High Performance






The GSM High Performance program is designed in such a way, that in each training session the players will get a 360° workout on all of the major factors contributing to their game and development. They will be working on their physical, mental, tactical, and technical aspects of their game both, on court and off-court sessions.


At GSM Tennis Club we program each session based on the individual needs of each player in order to help them develop faster, and give them whatever time they need to make critical improvements to their game. Individual attention combined with small group instruction and match play coaching gives GSM’s high performance players the highest level of attention.



The GSM’s High Performance Program combines an individualized weight training program with extensive flexibility work to increase player’s core strength and balance. The agility, speed training and endurance training workouts are designed to provide players with a more explosive and efficient movement to each ball.

Our fitness and conditioning staff closely monitors each player’s progress to insure optimum improvement in critical areas of fitness: agility, explosive power, endurance, balance and core strength, flexibility and overall body strength.



The High Performance GSM Tennis Club staff will assist in designing an individualized tournament schedule for each player and then travel with our players to the competitions locally, nationally and internationally whenever possible.

And because GSM Tennis Club only accepts in its High Performance Program players who have the drive and passion to compete, our support and design pays off for every player. A typical schedule includes National, International, ITF Southern Designated, Open and Satellite Tournaments. Our comprehensive schedule helps our players develop into competitive champions who value the importance of preparing for and winning tournaments.

Sessions start dates are ongoing and subject to Coaches approval.

** 1 week down time in September Session to put Bubble up for winter**
** 1 week down time in May to take Bubble down for summer**
** Rain days that cancel programs will be made up at the earliest convenience**
Should there be no rain delays or sessions needing to be made up during session an open day or tournament may be held during weeks between sessions.
Cancellations & Refunds
Cancellations or changes to clinics, classes and camps booked must be requested 2 weeks prior to the first day of the session for a refund. All refunds will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee per registration. All refunds are paid by cheque. Cancellation requests after the 2 week prior period or during the session will only be considered if extenuating circumstances apply. All refunds must be requested by email and are to be arranged through our Manager only. Missed sessions due to sickness, injuries, vacations or other reasons are not reimbursed.
All efforts are made to provide an opportunity for make up classes within the program, if space is available. You will need to discuss this directly with your coach in order to see what can be done.

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