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Built with Plexipave Tennis Court Surfaces

Advanced acrylic tennis surface systems for indoor and outdoor tennis facilities.

Plexipave and Plexicushion systems are advanced tennis surfacing systems designed to provide players with the highest levels of surface performance for competition and cushioning for safe training. ts

The Plexipave Color Finish system is an all-weather, durable quick-drying color surfacer that provides superior resistance to deterioration from ultra-violet rays.Plexipave is a 100% acrylic latex color intense sports surface formulated for use over asphalt and concrete.


Durability and Value Worldwide

Owners and facility managers around the world appreciate Plexipave’s long-lasting, all-weather durability.It’s 100% acrylic, asbestos-free composition retains color, texture and playability for 5 to 7 years between resurfacings. Excellent wear resistance represents significant value:a Plexipave or Plexicushion court is a wise investment that yields substantial returns year after year.

Outstanding Service and Support

Plexipave and Plexicushion are the most widely used acrylic tennis court surfacing systems in the world. They have achieved a global presence in tennis surface systems, and enjoy an international reputation for excellence and dependability. With the Plexipave and Plexicushion Systems, you get superior products supported by a worldwide organization of authorized applicators.

Superior Playability

Tennis players everywhere attest to the superior playability of the Plexipave System. Plexipave’s speed of play makes it possible for all types of players to excel, and its distinctive qualities of consistently true bounce and sure footing enhance coaching, training and competition. According to coaches, when tournament competitors play on Plexipave and Plexicushion, they are unhindered by surface inconsistencies, allowing a level of play which truly reflects the athlete’s skill.

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